Welcome to our sacred space where the ancient art of Younger Futhark Rune Readings meets the modern seeker. Dive into the mystical world of runic wisdom and unravel the secrets that the Norse gods whispered through the ages. Our rune readings are here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, offering insights, clarity, and a connection to the profound energies embedded in the runes.


How Can Rune Readings Help You?

Thomas and Britt use the Younger Futhark to provide personalized insights into your life's questions and challenges.

Whether you seek guidance on relationships, career decisions, or spiritual growth, or even the most mundane of matters, the runes offer a symbolic language that transcends time, offering a fresh perspective and clarity.


Why Choose Our Younger Futhark Rune Readings?

1. Experienced Rune Readers:

Thomas and Britt have a deep understanding of the Younger Futhark and its mystical significance. Trust in their expertise to deliver insightful and accurate readings.

2. Personalized Guidance:

Every reading is tailored to your unique energy and situation, providing guidance that resonates with your journey.

3. Empowerment and Clarity:

Gain a sense of empowerment and clarity as the runes illuminate your path, offering valuable insights to navigate life's twists and turns.


Rune Reading FAQ

How Does the Process Work?

  1. Choose Your Reading: Select the type of reading that resonates with your current needs and questions.
  2. Submit Your Inquiry: Use our secure online form to submit your inquiry and provide any specific details or questions you have in mind. What you share is never shared with anyone. We take the confidentiality of readings seriously. This is a safe space.
  3. Receive Your Reading: Our skilled rune readers will perform your reading and send you a detailed interpretation via email within 72 hours unless otherwise communicated.

What is the Younger Futhark?

The Younger Runes known as ‘Scandinavian runes’, are the more familiar runes that
were used during the Viking Age. They are found in Scandinavia and in areas with Old Norse settlements from the 9th century until the Middle Ages. They consist of a
reduced version of the 24-character runic alphabet containing 16 characters. The
younger runes occur in two variants – long-branch (normal) runes and short-twig
runes. The reduction correlates with phonetic changes when Urnordisk evolved into Old Norse before the Viking Age.

Why the Younger Futhark? Why not Elder Futhark Runes

The short answer...Elder Futhark meanings were recreated. We don't have a historically accurate resource that outlines the meanings. For Younger Futhark, we do. We have the poems, rune stones, and writings from the viking age that help tell us the stories of life at that time. These runic lessons and stories held strong and are still used in living tradition today by native Scandinavians. The meanings created in a harsher yet simpler time still apply to modern day. To read more about why we read the Younger Futhark, click here.

Can I Purchase My Own Rune Set?

You can! Our rune sets are listed here.

Do You Teach About the Runes?

Thomas currently teaches on the Younger Futhark Runes and also offers a PDF guide. Click here.