About Ravenback Supply Co.

Welcome Wise Wanderers, we’re glad to welcome you here. Thank you for visiting Ravenback Supply Co. and we are grateful that you've considered including us in your magical journey. 

While we focus on the Norse, Germanic, Celtic and nature-based pagan traditions, we offer products for many different paths. From ritual necessities and rune sets, to beautifully crafted one of a kind leather items, original artwork, self-care goods, jewelry, armor, naturally grown and dried organic herbs, altar and blot tools and much, much more. 

Learn more about us, our mission and more below.

Our Mission

When we think of “spirituality” and “the craft” as it is today, it’s apparent that capitalism and corporations aim to monetize ways of life that are intricately and intimately personal to each and every one of us. Each persons’ path and magic is their own, and many find solace and empowerment in the tools they utilize. 

Our mission is to provide fellow heathens and witchfolk with intentional, hand-made ritual tools and custom creations to help you live life in a more meaningful and magical way. 

Our products are more than items, they are creations that grew out of years. They developed out of personal ritual practice, experimenting, trial and error, gift giving and the everlasting seeking of wisdom. It is not our mission to just sell you metaphysical products or a fancy leather pouch. It is our mission to re-familiarize you with the magic & wisdom you instinctively hold. It’s our mission to help you remember your power, embody your authentic self, and connect and support our wider pagan community. 

We encourage curiosity to learn more if you wish and aim to support you on your own journey.  Every person reconnecting to the old ways, old gods, and nature inspires another.

We’re a small family-owned business that wants to keep things ethical, magical, and honorable for you and your path. As heathens, we firmly believe that all are welcome. The norse path is open and accessible to all those that feel called, as are our products and creations. We do our best to educate and stand up against those that aim to do harm in pursuit of egoic intentions. We do not tolerate hate and exclusion of any kind.

Our Story

During a trip to Salem, Massachusetts in December of 2021, we experienced many successful metaphysical shops. We were based in Nashville then, with only a handful of shops near us in a vast land of xtianity. We were in awe and inspired at everything we witnessed. The goal of one day owning a brick-and-mortar store and cafe seemed suddenly much more doable. After a long day of exploring the town in the bitter cold, we awoke the next day to a bright sunny morning. We grabbed coffee, a joint and made our way to Winter Island, the site of Fort Pickering. There was a bench atop the small hill, with a small lighthouse. The two of us stared out into Salem Harbor, into the cold icy sea. Its waves crashed among the small rocky shore, with glittering beams of light reflecting off the melting snow.  

We took a moment to honor the Norse gods of the sea and it’s aspects: Njörðr, the Vanir god and father of Freyja and Freyr; then the goddess Rán and her husband Ægir, a jötunn who also personifies the sea. We also honored their nine daughters, who personify the waves. That moment of spiritual connection inspired us to make our dreams happen. Together we climbed down the hill, got in the car and headed home. 

On the plane home, Britt had already started brainstorming and envisioning our business. She weaved ideas and creativity into Ravenback Supply Co. which was soon after founded in January of 2022. Since then, we’ve created our business online and in-person at spiritual, witchy and occult markets around Nashville and the mid-south area. We are currently based in Music City, Nashville Tennessee. We get asked where the name “Ravenback Supply Co.” comes from and you can read more about that on our blog HERE.

Our Products

Our ancestors of the past didn’t have all the flashy pinterest-worthy ritual products on the market today. They were in service to the earth, land spirits and fauna around them. They utilized what they had around them, were skilled in different trades, and wove intention and energy into the mundane for magical use. 

Ravenback Supply Co. will always aim to be 80% handmade. 

The other 20% includes packaging, crystals, and source material that we cannot make our forage ourselves. In a world dominated by mass-produced goods, handmade products offer a refreshing alternative that caters to those who appreciate authenticity, creativity, and a deeper connection to the items they own. With handmade products comes sourcing material and we do our best to purchase from suppliers who do right by our earth. We only use the highest quality ethically wildcrafted, organic or locally naturally grown herbs, oils, etc. When it comes to leather, we understand people have differing opinions. You can read more about where we stand and our perspective HERE.

Our products offer…

  • Uniqueness and Originality: Our products are one-of-a-kind and produced in small batches, making them original, fresh and distinct from mass-produced items. We love to do custom work. Customers can collaborate with us to create items tailored to their preferences, resulting in truly personalized products.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Our products are crafted with a high level of attention to detail and care. As skilled artisans, we invest time and effort into creating each piece to our standards, resulting in superior craftsmanship and quality. You can read more about our return policy and guarantees HERE

  • Support & Personal Connection: Before sending our products, or putting them on market tables, Britt takes the time to use her Reiki skills to energy cleanse and bless all inventory. This helps make sure the product is ready for you to connect with and utilize in your personal craft with no threads attached. Our products are truly made with you in mind. We hope the personal touch can foster a sense of trust and authenticity.

  • Sustainability and Environmental Benefits: Our products are created using sustainable and eco-friendly practices at the forefront. When we can, we use recycled materials and employ low-impact production methods, which can have a positive environmental impact. Our goal for 2024 and beyond is to use biodegradable and safe packaging, or glassware that can be returned for a discount, or reused as you see fit. It’s not greenwashing, it’s our passion. Each product sold plants a tree and we save a portion of our market proceeds to benefit reforestation organizations. 

  • Preserving Traditional Techniques: Our products often involve traditional techniques and skills that have been passed down through generations. Supporting our handmade goods helps preserve these valuable cultural practices.

  • Artistic Expression: Through our products, we have the freedom to express our creativity and artistic vision in each piece we create.
  • Storytelling and Narrative: Handmade products come with a story, and the world needs more people to tell their stories through art.

Meet the Team

About Thomas

When I first began my journey and heathen path, I was called to learn runic wisdom. However, I struggled in the beginning, as many do, due to an array of conflicting resources. That inspired me to continue seeking the truth, history and lore as did Odin through my own strife, lived experiences and alchemy. My passions as a heathen are: 

  • to provide the collective with accessible & accurate sources of information
  • to help keep the Scandinavian living runic tradition, history and perspectives alive
  • to teach the basics to encourage you to seek your own wisdom!
  • to use my artisan skills to create leather goods, armor, ritual goods and more to aid both myself and others. 

Before joining the army, I deconstructed my christian upbringing. I hadn't set down the Heathen path yet, but I had been studying the sagas, Eddas and lore as an interest. It spoke to me in a way that Christianity never did. I was able to see aspects of myself in the stories and lore, as I think we’re supposed to. While in the army, I was injured. On the way to the hospital, I had what I can only describe as a spiritual moment. It redirected me to Heathenry and that's where things changed for me and my life. Odin's wisdom, the runes, and lore called to me on a different level and I began integrating it into my day-to-day. 

I currently live in Grand Rapids with Britt, our two cats and our snake. I'm an engineer by trade but express my creativity through Ravenback Supply Co. I carve runes, make leather goods, and other fun things. I'm currently studying under my mentor Lars Magnar Enoksen whose learned lineage can be traced back to Snorri Sturlusson. He also taught Einar Kvitrafn Selvik (*cough Wardruna cough*) His works are cited in much of our own teachings, as much of the info comes from my studies with him. 

You can find me at my work bench, out in the woods, or playing banjo on the porch. 

About Britt

Hello and thanks for taking the time to get to know a little about us. I’m Britt, co-owner of Ravenback Supply Co. with my life partner Thomas. I hold a Bachelors degree in Public Relations & Strategic Communications. I manage the website and social media. I have hella Virgo placements, can you tell? But most of all, I’m a magical, groovy, nature-loving, friend, fur-mama, partner and daughter. 

I’m an eclectic heathen witch, certified energy healer & Reiki Master, herbalist, and spiritual mentor. I began my craft officially in my late teens after facing one of the most traumatic chapters of my life. I became obsessed with learning as much as possible and have dedicated over a decade to rigorously studying and diligently practicing witchcraft, heathenry, and the art of herbalism.

Energy healing has been the most impactful modality in my healing journey, and it’s a gift I’m passionate about and I enjoy educating and sharing  with others. When Thomas and I began our relationship, he introduced me to the Heathen Path and I’m proud to say my patron deity is Frigg. As someone with PCOS, I found relief using natural herbs and tinctures to support my hormone balance and overall wellness. 

 I specialize in self-love, igniting your inner craft, heathen paganism, and partnering with plants to aid us through our daily life. I love community and ritual. During my time in college, I was the ritualist for my sorority and it taught me what it means to bring people together in a shared bond. Family isn’t always blood, it’s the people we choose. It’s what I believe led me deeper into ritual facilitation and tool creation. My grandmother, my best friend, was an immigrant from Germany. My great-grandfather owned a small shop before World War II, and that’s where I’d like to think my entrepreneurial spirit comes from. 

You can find me talking to the plants and trees, cuddled up next to my cats, using leather scrap to make butterfly earrings, and on our email and social media platforms. 

About Fergus & Fletcher

They’re brothers..more like order and chaos. They’re the ones who actually run this company, who are we kidding? We just feed them…and bend to their every will… 

If you ever find cat hair in your package it’s just a freebie. They inspect everything to make sure it’s purrfect enough.

It’s Our Dream that Ravenback Supply Co. helps you…

Remember your inner power and sacred craft.

Discover wisdom and knowledge. 

Reconnect to yourself, fellow heathens, pagans, and witchfolk. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, our mission, educational resources, and the products we create. 


Thomas & Britt