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We specialize in intentional handmade goods for heathens & witch folk.

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About Ravenback Supply Co.

Ravenback Supply Co. is a small couple-owned and operated business based in Nashville, TN. We have found our purpose creating one-of-a-kind magical crafts for the modern day mystic & heathen.

While we focus on the Norse, Germanic, Celtic and nature-based pagan traditions, we offer products for many different paths. From ritual necessities and rune sets, to beautifully crafted one of a kind leather items, original artwork, self-care goods, jewelry, armor, naturally grown and dried organic herbs, altar and blot tools and much, much more

Our Story

Shop the Well & Witchy Collection

These products are created by Britt Epley of Well & Witchy and promoted in partnership with Ravenback Supply Co. For all things self-love, spells and self-care, check out this magical collection.

Our Honor To You

  • Handmade & Charged Products

    Each item in our store is handmade with detail & care from start to finish. Before shipment, all items are cleansed and charged with Reiki Energy.

  • We ♡ Custom Orders

    Making cool stuff is fun. It's even more fun when you have a cool idea and we make it come to life. If unable to accomodate your custom, we'll do our best to recommend a similar item or trusted vendor.

    Custom Projects 
  • Quality Goods & Services

    All materials are gathered, foraged and/or sourced from high-quality and humane resources. We realize some may have aversions to leather-goods & animal bones and if so, we are unfortunately not your shop.

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