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Liquid Luck Ritual Spray

Liquid Luck Ritual Spray

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Introducing our Liquid Luck Abundance Ritual & Room Spray, an enchanting blend of organic and ethically sourced herbs and essential oils designed to infuse your space with abundance and positive energy. Crafted with care, this magical elixir is enhanced with the energy of a tumbled green aventurine stone, known for its association with luck and wealth.

🌈 Tumbled Green Aventurine Stone: At the heart of this enchanting spray lies a tumbled green aventurine stone. Known as the "Stone of Opportunity," green aventurine is believed to attract luck, prosperity, and abundance. As you use the spray, let the energy of this beautiful stone amplify the positive intentions you set for yourself and your space.

🌟 Infuse Your Space with Prosperity: Transform your surroundings into a haven of luck and abundance with just a few spritzes. Whether you're preparing for a ritual, enhancing meditation, or simply refreshing your living space, our Liquid Luck Abundance Spray is a versatile tool for infusing positive energy into any moment.

🍃 Organic Herbs & Essential Oils: A harmonious symphony of essential oils adds an olfactory dimension to your experience. Breathe in the uplifting notes of Peppermint, the grounding tones of Patchouli, the floral notes of Calendula & Chamomile, and the sweet warmth of Cinnamon, creating a sensory journey that resonates with abundance. Other ingredients include witch hazel and crystal-infused moon water. While this product is all-natural, we advise you don't spray it around open flame or children/animals for safety. 


Best used for job interviews, wishes, goal setting, business, social engagements, speaking arrangements, pitching and whenever you need a little extra luck in your life. 


Product: 3.4oz frosted glass bottle.

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